Saturday, January 1, 2011

On Blessing This Day, January 1, 2011

Life Lines: A Daily Journey

Today is a quiet reflective day, while anxiety swirls all around me, I find peace and comfort by the warmth of the fire and meditate on Linda Faltin's wise words in "Life Lines: A Daily Journey."

Who knows how many
Years lie ahead of me?
What they will bring?
What I have is now
Who I am
What I have learned
Through living my life.
And a gift for words
My own ‘voice”…
Creative Spirit, inspire
Me to begin anew with
This new year…
To re-order and re-new
And re-energize…
To open myself to the
Holiness & wholeness of my life,
However it plays
itself out.
I wrap my arms around,
embrace, accept
the gift of this day.”

I will accept and bless this day, this gift, this life, this moment, this now...

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