Saturday, April 3, 2010

Tara Brach and The Sacred Pause

Most American adults all too often feel rushed and over extended. We're running late, out of time, in a hurry, busy, busy, busy. Psychotherapist, teacher, author, and Buddhist, Tara Brach, points out that the chinese word for busyness also means "heart- killilng" and stresses the importance of learning to pause and bring attention to what's happening inside of us.

Brach shares in an interview with Ken Aldelman that "We need to reconnect with the life of our bodies, to feel our hearts. That's the sacred pause. At any time, we can take a few breaths, relax, pay attention. Most people keep speeding up to drown out their anxiety. They stay lost in thought, dissociated from the body. Being brave enough to pause entails feeling that anxiety in our bodies. But we also find some space of presence and kindness underneath it."

Brach describes how we can experience the sacred pause in the above video. It's well worth the eight minutes it takes to watch it, no matter how busy you are...

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